About Us

We are a group of young Nicaraguan educators, able to teach the beautiful and complex Spanish language as a second language, using the most modern active and dynamic language methods for language teaching. 

At Spanish School Xpess all thre instructors are native speakers and young professionals who are committed to provide students the richest possible experience of Nicaraguan and Latin American culture and customs. They have been chosen because of their high quality teaching skills, their enthusiasm and their knowledge of Nicaragua and their people. You can talki with them about diverse topics: culture, politics, economy, ecology, agriculture, history and so much more. And they can teach you in Spanish.

All of our instructors are prepared to offer their best, offering their exceptional personality full of charisma, optimism, humor and imagination, making the students to live a unique experience. Today we are founder and member of NICARAGUAN SPANISH SCHOOLS, the only Spanish school extended in the principal touristic cities of Nicaragua: León, San Juan del sur & Granada. 

Spanish School Xpess